30w Led Floodlight

30w Led Floodlight
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30W LED Floodlight


Use a 30W LED floodlight to illuminate your workspace, building, parking space, or home instantly. All it takes is 30W of electricity to power this flood light, which is much lower than a similar brightness halogen floodlight consumes. This saves the environment of their natural resources, and saves you money in electricity costs.


Uses just 30 watts of electricity, it’s just as bright as a 250W halogen flood light. The only differences between this LED light and a halogen are that it uses much less power and it lasts significantly longer (up to 50,000 hours). 


All of our LED flood lights have passed EU safety regulations (CE and RoHS). However, if any of our LED light bulbs malfunction within one year of purchase, we provide a replacement.


Order your 30W LED flood light today to start working and living in the best light you’ve ever used. Our prices are hard to beat, and we provide excellent customer service before, during, after ordering. 








  Power Consumption:

  30 Watt

  Bulb Brightness:

  250 Watt
  Lumens Warm White:   2370
  Lumens Daylight White:   2420
  Dimensions:   225mm x 185mm x 120mm
  IP Rating:   IP65
  Lifespan:   Up to 50,000 hours of use
  Beam Angle:   120 Degree
  Cover:   Lens Cover
  CE and RoHS:   Yes
  Voltage:   230v




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